Who Is Bloomco?

Who Is Bloomco

Written by danielle bissell

I'm a Brand Marketing Specialist for Bloomco.

June 15, 2021

Who is Bloomco?

If you’re looking for fun energy, inspired creatives, and a partner with purpose, You’ve found it in Bloomco. It is our mission to help others and our vision includes you. What is your organization passionate about? It matters to us, and we will work with you to meet your goals.

  • You may have a conference or retreat and need to order Apparel or Promotional Products. Bloomco can partner with you, offer special pricing, even rebates to help your budget.
  • You could be an animal shelter running a campaign and a 5K to help raise money. Bloomco would offer you the same price small – 2XL on your race t-shirt, even give back a percentage of each shirt to help the cause.
  • You may be a business looking to centralize your Companies Apparel for employees to order from online, at the same time your business is passionate about helping a certain organization. Bloomco can set up plus maintain your custom online store and collect the profits from each sale to donate to the organization of your choice.

The motivation behind Bloomco is to give back. What inspires us is knowing each order we work on has a purpose.


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